Chernobyl — 30 years actions

In the frame of Days of Action «Chernobyl — 30 years» in twenty cities from six countries were held more than 30 events in memory of the victims of the Chernobyl disaster and for nuclear free future.
In some cities events were going on for a week, and in other places was last about a month. For example, in Belarus, from 19 to 26 April there was a «Chernobyl Week»: in program — performances, exhibitions, film screenings and the key event — International Conference «Chernobyl + 30». In Kharkov, from April 19 to May 8, held a series of poster exhibitions dedicates to accidents at NPPs of Chernobyl and Fukushima. On 22nd April famous russian ecologist Alexei Yablokov presented a new edition of the book «Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for human and nature.»

In many cities were held seminars «Chernobyl Lessons», in Arkhangelsk hold a creative contest «My nuclear free future», in Syktyvkar was an exhibition in the Institute of Culture and Arts n.a. P. Sorokin, Petrozavodsk — film-lesson, Yoshkar-Ola — personal exhibition of the regimental photographer, who served in the Chernobyl zone, in Nizhny Novgorod — a lecture and street action in the city center, in Irkutsk — a series of lectures «Chernobyl trace» in the Regional Juvenile Library, Saratov — distribution of leaflets, in Voronezh — public reading of «Chernobyl prayer» of Svetlana Aleksievich, in Murmansk — a meeting with the experts, environmentalists, the liquidators and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. A tour of the theater «Krily Halopa» united several countries: performances took place in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk, Brest and Kaliningrad.

Find events o report about your own action you can on the map —
Coalition «Chernobyl30» includes the Russian Socio-Ecological Union / Friends of the Earth — Russia, Youth Human Rights Movement and a group «Ecodefense!». Campaign «Chernobyl — 30 years» was supported by 19 organizations from four countries (


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